Omniwines Distributing Co.
is a specialized importer and distributor of
terroir driven wines. The wines we seek are typically estate bottled and represent a balance between historical & cultural traditions. Our producers focus their efforts on vineyard management to insure lower yields and minimize handling to allow their wines to express themselves.We focus on wines from relatively under represented regions in Italy but also represent producers from other wine producing countries of the Mediterranean & South America.

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Camilo Ceballos
Camilo's enthusiasm and knowledge is only out matched by his passion for wine. Camilo has built a formidable reputation as a Wine Director, Consultant and Wine Industry professional, working with some of the top restaurants and wine importer/distributors in the country. With his background in both sales and purchasing as well as his understanding of the wine market from all perspectives, Camilo Ceballos continues to tailor the OmniWines portfolio with customers and quality in mind.
Francesco Santoro
Francesco was born in Verona, Italy. It was his passion and his family's business that made him choose fine wine as a career. Having arrived from Italy in 2001, Francesco is a well known wine professional in the New York City market. He is our Director of Operations as well as the liaisons to our Italian suppliers.He also works with many of New York's top Italian restaurants. "Forza Hellas Verona!"

Additional Members of the Omni Team

Peter Sloan
- New Jersey & NYC Sales
Alfredo Caruso
- Westchester Sales
Diana Halton
- Long Island & NYC Sales
Aaron Epstein
- Brooklyn Sales
Keith Torres
- Brooklyn & Manhattan Sales
Evan Reynolds
- Brooklyn & Manhattan Sales

Carmine DeGennaro
- Traffic Coordinator


For information on joining the Omni team.
Send your resume in confidence to:

Experience in the wine industry is a plus but not required, passion for fine wine is.


was founded in 1989. The focus was and
is to import great and unique Italian foods and equipment. We started
with LURISIA natural spring water from Cuneo in the Piedmont Alps, then
came ESSSE CAFFE' espresso coffee from Bologna (Emilia-Romagna). With
espresso came the need for specialized equipment so we went with the
most prestigious, beautiful and reliable brand on the market today,

"the espresso source" E-Store devoted to espresso & much more.

The spring "Fonte Santa Barbara Di Lurisia" is located at the base of the n Western Alps in the Italian Region of Piemonte. Discovered in 1917, it was first analyzed and approved by Curie, Nobel Prize winner for physics and chemistry. The intrinsic characteristics of this very light spring water have been enjoyed in Europe for many years, and since 1989 Lurisia has also been available in the United States. Since its discovery, Lurisia has been
exclusively bottled at its source, never purified, filtered or treated in any way.